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Buying Jewelry Online ~ Try Us!

The jewelry industry has changed. Online shopping is the new trend and it’s here to stay. It used to be that a person wouldn’t dream of buying jewelry online. But times have evolved.

Online stores like The Jewelry Vine offer customers an extensive array of children’s jewelry at unbeatable, affordable prices. We specialize in kids jewelry, so you will have more to choose from at our online store than any department store or brick and. mortar jewelry store could offer you.

Are you looking for quality, variety, choice, availability and the ease of shopping at any time of day or night? Then you’ve come to the right place from the ease of your mobile phone or desktop computer. With our busy lives, we’re moving away from shopping in-store and turning to shopping online for everything, and yes, that includes jewelry. One of the benefits of online shopping for jewelry is that no salesperson is pressuring you to purchase on the spot. But how will you get your questions answered? How will you see what you’re buying? Well, we do our best to give you realistically sized photos and provide you the product measurements so you know what to expect. Or you can reach out to us via text: 800-409-2114 or email us with a question. We’ll answer you asap. No automated answers. Real personalized service. We know all of the specifics about all of our jewelry styles so we will help you make an informed decision before buying. We know our personalized service works because we have very few returns and very happy customers.

Ask us any question like:
Will this bracelet be the right size for a newborn baby? What size earring should my baby wear? Is it worth it to buy 18k gold earrings? What length necklace is good for my 6 year old or my 10 year old?  Do you lockets really hold photos? Can you help me customize one of your styles with a different colored stone? Can you do a custom order for me?

Our customer reviews attest to our superior quality and the amazing online shopping experience you’ll have with us. We offer you personalized customer service; affordable jewelry; expertise choosing the right size piece for your baby, child, or teen; free shipping and rush, express shipping options; one month no-hassle returns; prices to fit any budget – really! (from earrings less than $10 to high-end, premium quality jewelry for children of all ages.)

Our goal as a leading online company in children’s jewelry for close to 20 years is to offer you the best jewelry at the best prices while continually sourcing new jewelry to keep up with the latest fashion trends but still showcasing for you the old-time classics.

We’d love to have you as our newest customer! Won’t you give us a try?


What Earring Size is Good for My Second and Third Piercing

Many girls have second or third ear piercings. If you’re wondering what size earring stud you need for the second piercing or third piercing here is our suggestion. The most popular sizes for three consecutive earring holes is a 5mm earring in the first piercing hole, a 4mm earring in the second piercing and a 3mm in the third piercing. Here is an image of the 5mm, 4mm and 3mm look.

A Little Tip for Earring Shopping

Is the earring you picked out going to be the size you imagined? We know it’s sometimes difficult to tell online what an earring will actually look like in person. Here is a tip that may help you. Look at the face of the earring (the earring design) compared to the earring backing. The back may be a screw back or a push on back. Comparing the backing to the earring design will help give you perspective about the size of the design. For an exact measurement, use the mm offered in the product description. Draw a circle using the mm information as the diameter. This will really help you to picture how small or large the earring is. And lastly, keep her earlobe in mind. A large earlobe looks best with a larger design. Earlobe size and thickness is not necessarily dependent on age. Although newborns and young babies generally have small, thin earlobes, toddler and girl’s ears really do vary in size and thickness. If you need advice before purchasing, please reach out to us. We love to help our customers!

Sparkle with Barbie Pink Jewelry this Summer

Barbie is all the rage this summer! Young girls everywhere are eager to be part of the wonderful and magical world of Barbie. And we’re here to accessorize your fashionista in pink jewelry. Shop with us for pink enamel and pink stone jewelry, whether in vibrant or muted tones of pink. Earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets…we have loads of pink jewelry choices for you.

Do you remember playing with Barbie? This super-popular doll has been a part of so many of our own childhoods and our children’s childhoods. Barbie was created by Ruth Handler and introduced to the world by Matel in 1959. Handler’s vision for the Barbie doll was that young girls would play with this grown-up adult doll, as opposed to the typical baby doll, and through play ignite their imaginations envisioning their future, their dreams, and their goals. Barbie took the world by storm and empowered girls everywhere.

Before long Barbie became a household name, just as popular as the name Barbara, which was on the top ten most popular girl’s name in the 40’s and 50’s. In just her first introductory year on the toy market, three hundred thousand Barbie dolls were sold, and hardly a home with young girls today doesn’t have a Barbie in the toy box. With her blond hair, pink wardrobe, and adorable accessories, Barbie is everything fashionable, feminine, and fun.

For your sweet princess this summer, join the Barbie party and bedazzle her in some pink Barbie-inspired jewelry! We know she’ll be delighted with a selection from our pink collection!


Boost Her Confidence with Jewelry

Confidence at a young age is a precious gift. Some children have a confident personality naturally. Others may feel shy or awkward. Parents who want to help a child feel more confident know externals really do make a difference. Stylish clothing and hair styles are just a couple of things that make up our appearance. Kids know these things are important aspects to fitting in with peers. Part of childhood, for better or worse, is the almost constant exposure to new social situations. We believe that jewelry is an adornment that will help a child to feel special, put-together, and proud of her appearance. Jewelry is no longer worn only for special occasions. So, we’ve put together a few jewelry ideas to assist you in smart gift giving that will surely have the added benefit of making any young girl feel just lovely and so good about herself!

  1. Lockets: A locket necklace, especially with a photo of a loved one or friend, will allow her to carry that special relationship or connection close to her heart. It’s so much fun to open a locket and show someone else the photo of the person inside. Lockets are the perfect conversation starter.
  2. Birthstone Jewelry: A birthstone ring, necklace or earrings is symbolic of the month she’s born in and the special birthstone color that makes her unique and special. Pick out a ring, necklace, earrings, or a bracelet with her birthstone and you’ll be giving her a little piece of herself to wear and feel proud of.
  3. Colored Gemstone Jewelry: that matches or enhances her eye color or skin tone. For example, a light aqua or blue topaz stone enhances the blue eyes of a child wearing it. Sparkly jewelry always catches the eye and draws positive attention. We naturally feel good about ourselves when we receive compliments from others. A wow piece of jewelry always get noticed.
  4. Trendy or Themed Jewelry: These make great conversation pieces. Kids notice what other kids are wearing. If she’s sporting cute puppy dog or cat earrings for example, fellow dog & cat lovers are bound to notice and compliment her. Our boutique jewelry selection has tons of themed jewelry items to cater to every girl’s sense of style, hobbies, interests, and personality.
  5. Religious Jewelry: Girls love to express their faith and devotion. Any of our religious jewelry pieces help her affirm who she is and what she believes.


Huggie Earrings and Hoop Earrings ~ What’s the Difference?

If you’re shopping for huggie earrings or hoop earrings and you’re wondering what the difference is…we’ll tell you!

Both huggie earrings and hoop earrings are circular-shaped earrings that hang off the earlobe. Huggie earrings are a type of hoop earrings. Even baby and toddlers can wear huggie earrings, while hoop earrings are generally first worn by girls as they get a bit older.

Huggie Earrings

Huggie earrings are smaller and thicker than hoop earrings, and are designed to closely “hug” the earlobe. They have a round shape and a classic design. The come in different widths but are typically a bit wider than the average hoop earring. Although they come in different lengths, the length is one of the aspects of huggie earrings that makes them “a huggie”. They’re generally short, and hug the bottom of the earlobe, or fall right below the earlobe (depending on their length and depending on a girl’s ear piercing hole.) As for how they work, they have a hinged hoop with a curved post and a snap closure. The hinge is at the bottom of the earring. It opens up to put on, and then tightly closes with the curved post snapping into place on the backside of the hoop. Huggies are often plain polished gold or silver, but they can also be embellished with a design or stones, and can even have a small dangle charm.


Hoop Earrings



Hoop earrings, on the other hand, are generally larger and thinner than huggie earrings. They are round or oval shaped and can be thin and delicate or wide and bold. They come in a multitude of sizes, designs, and widths ranging from small and delicate to large and bold. They close in different ways too. They may have an endless hoop closure, which means the post part that goes through the earring piercing fits into the tube end of the hoop to close. Or they may have a hinge and post that locks into place. Some hoop earrings (the half hoops or 3/4 hoop styles) are designed with regular push on backs or screw on backs.

We hope now you understand the difference between hoop and huggie earrings. In summary, huggie earrings are smaller, thicker hoop earrings and are designed to hug the earlobe closely, while hoop earrings are larger and thinner, and come in a wider variety of sizes and shapes. Because huggie earrings are typically shorter and thicker than hoop earrings, they are comfortable to sleep in and children can wear them 24/7. As with all jewelry, if a (baby/toddler/child) is still putting items in her mouth, she must be monitored while wearing earrings and jewelry.

We offer a wide variety of both gold and silver huggie & hoop earrings for all ages: babies, toddlers, girls, and teens. As girls get older, they usually can’t wait to wear hoop earrings because they’re fashionable and look so grown-up! And because our earrings are designed for children they are lightweight yet sturdy. They won’t pull down on her ear. With proper care, hoops or huggies will become a long-lasting pair of earrings that she’ll adore wearing!

Check out our collection of children’s huggie & hoop earrings! SHOP NOW!

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Girls

Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is February 14th. And jewelry happens to be one of the top Valentine’s Day gifts year after year for girls of all ages. We have just the right piece to express your love to her on this heart filled day.

Our Heart collection of jewelry is our number one shopped collection of jewelry to celebrate Valentine’s Day.


We have other stylish ideas for you as well! If your recipient loves animals or has a fur baby of her own, gift her jewelry from one of our themed collections such as our Dog & Cat collection, our Animal collection, or Horse & Unicorn collection.

Pearls are a timeless and top Valentine’s Day jewelry trend year after year. Pearl jewelry for girls is full of class, charm, and elegance.



And for your Valentine’s Day jewelry gift to her, don’t forget special packaging that adds that extra measure of “I love you.” Our elegantly styled logo jewelry box offers you that classy presentation your are looking for.

Ready to Pierce Your Baby’s Ears?

Are you ready to pierce your baby’s ears? Earrings on infants and baby girls are super adorable. We are experts on baby earrings, so here is our advice.

What Earrings are Best for Baby?

For her first pair of earrings, we recommend earrings with screw on backs. Screw back earrings have threaded posts (like as screw does) and nuts that twist on and tighten once fully screwed on. These screw back pieces stay firmly in place once tightened, but like all screws, can start to loosen up after time, so they need to be checked every now and then and retightened if necessary. A good screw back earring for a baby will stay safely on her ear and she won’t be able to take them off herself.

Our screw back earrings come with covered screw backs, which means that the screw back piece encloses the post. The end of the post will not stick through. This means that your child will have super comfortable earrings when she sleeps or leans her head against something. Our premium quality screw back earrings are highly recommended for her first pair of earrings. They come with an easy to handle screw back piece that is easy for an adult to put on her ear, yet hard for her to get off. The back is less likely than any other type of earring to fall off, so you can say goodbye to lost earrings and you won’t stress about them being a possible choking hazard.

What Size Earring is Best for Baby?

For her first pair of earrings, choose a petite earring design that looks appropriate for her tiny earlobe size. If she is a newborn, remember that she’ll be bigger in no time, so the earring design shouldn’t be too small. Genuine diamonds however look beautiful in any size and are a beautiful earring choice for her first earrings. Family or friends looking to buy a special gift for a newborn often choose a diamond screw back earring. Diamonds are exquisite and timeless.

Keep in mind as well that every baby has a different sized earlobe and shape. Some babies have really large, round earlobes and other babies have very tiny earlobes. Just because she’s a baby doesn’t mean that her earlobes are super small. For an infant, we recommend a 3mm earring. For older babies, we suggest 3mm studs, 4mm studs, or 5mm stud earring styles.

What Earring Metal is Best for Baby?

As for what metal to buy for her first pair of earrings, we do suggest 14K gold since it is hypoallergenic and most children wear it without any allergic reaction. Another popular choice is a rhodium plated sterling silver pair of baby screw back earrings. Rhodium is a form of platinum, so you are buying silver that won’t tarnish and shouldn’t cause an allergic reaction. The price point cant’ be beat and it looks and wears like 14K white gold.

What Styles and Designs Are Best for a Baby?

As for style, we present to you our collection of screw back baby earrings that is unique and extensive. The classics and the trendy, or the cute and colorful…it may actually be hard to narrow down your choices and make a decision! You can count on us to bring you the best styles of earrings, all well-made. You can choose amongst styles that are plain gold or rhodium-plated sterling silver, those with genuine stones, earrings with AAA quality CZ stones for superior sparkle, and earrings with colorful enamel. As for the design, we have loads of styles to choose from. We have the classics like polished ball earrings or solitaire stones with a diamond, birthstone, or sparkly cz.  And we carry designs like pearls, flowers, hearts, stars, butterflies, and animals. The styles we offer range from super affordable to high-end. Many of our earrings are heirloom quality, which means not only will your baby wear it, but it’ll be that piece of jewelry she’ll treasure as she grows up, keeps in a special keepsake box, and will hand down to her own daughter one day.  A high quality earring never goes out of style and precious metal jewelry like gold and silver always have inherent value.

Where Should I Buy Baby Earrings?

So if you’re ready to buy her first pair of earrings, you’ve come to the right place. We’re happy to answer all of your questions or even to help you decide which pair of earrings to buy online. We offer amazing personalized service. Just email us with your questions or the sku numbers of the styles you’re considering, and we’ll give you our opinion. When we correspond with you, you’ll see that we really “know” our jewelry well. You’ll receive a customized, personal response. We want you to have an awesome online buying experience at The Jewelry Vine and to say, “This is exactly what I was looking for,” when you receive your baby earrings. Happy shopping and we look forward to having you as our customer!

Her Ear Piercing Looks Uneven ~ What should I do?

You’ve finally got your little girl’s or your baby’s ears pierced, and the piercings seem uneven. So frustrating…and now what? First, know that you are not alone and this is unfortunately not uncommon. The idea placement for the earring piercing is the center of the lobe. If the hole is off to one side and doesn’t look balanced on both ears, it will continue to look this way. If it is too high, it will likely appear even higher over time if the ears were pierced during infancy or early childhood since the ears grow.

The only real uneven ear piercing fix is to take out the earring and let the hole close up. This can be done for both piercings or just one. Once the holes completely heal, you can have the earlobes re-pierced. (You will want to check with your pediatrician regarding how long you will need to wait until you can re-pierce the earlobe.) The re-piercing will be done in a slightly different spot, so if you like where one of the piercings is, we suggest keeping that hole open on the ear by continuing to wear one earring. Yes, it might look a little strange for a few months, but it’s worth it over time.

To make sure the piercing is done correctly, whether the first or second time, go to a reputable piercer who is patient and confident. Ask around to get recommendations for a piercer who has a detail-oriented eye. Many parents opt for their local pediatrician who will use a needle rather than a piercing gun. The angle of the piercing is better controlled with a needle. Know that ears may not be perfectly symmetrical, so make sure that a sterile, surgical marking pen is used before the piercing is done, to mark the exact spot. Look at her face “head on” to see if the appearance of the hole on both ears looks balanced and symmetrical.

And then there are tricks for masking uneven holes if it doesn’t bother you or her. For a stud earring, you can try using a larger earring backing which can position the earring stud in a firmer way against the ear and position it to mask the “unevenness”. Hoop earrings can be slightly bent or adjusted to compensate for uneven holes so that they hang at almost the same length on the ear. Asymmetrical earrings designs can also help mask the unevenness.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry ~ Allergy Free Jewelry: A Little Education – What You Need to Know!

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Girls love to wear jewelry, but it’s not fun if an allergic reaction sets in, especially an infection caused from an earring. Itchy, red earlobes are irritating. Purchasing fine jewelry from us, as we are a trusted source in fine jewelry for girls for almost two decades, is a good way to avoid an allergic reaction. (We only sell fine jewelry, as opposed to fashion jewelry which has a base metal such as brass with a thin overlay of silver or gold. Fashion jewelry can create itchy, infected ear piercings or fingers because the thin plating wears off and exposes the skin to the base metal.) So here is some helpful information on what hypoallergenic jewelry is:

How To Know What Jewelry Causes an Allergic Reaction?

Figuring out if a child has a jewelry allergy to a specific jewelry metal comes from trial and error. If the skin by the jewelry is itchy, red or infected, and you’ve ruled out other causes, there may be a metal allergy. This does not mean that you haven’t purchased solid gold or solid sterling silver. Allergies can occur from a metal in the alloy. Some people cannot wear certain metals and may be allergic to a component metal in the gold or silver alloy.

What Are Common Metals in Jewelry that Cause an Allergic Reaction?

The most common culprit of jewelry allergy for some girls is nickel. Our jewelry is nickel free. A few people find they are highly allergic to copper. Copper is a small percentage of the silver alloy used in making sterling silver jewelry and is also part of the alloy in yellow gold jewelry and rose gold jewelry.

What Are Different Types of Hypoallergenic Jewelry?

To avoid an allergic reaction, make sure the jewelry you purchase is hypoallergenic. Our styles are hypoallergenic and 99% of customers do not have an allergic reaction. These are the metals used in jewelry that are most hypoallergenic:

  • 18K Gold
  • 14K Gold
  • Platinum
  • Sterling Silver (92.5% Silver)

What Can I do with an Earring that May Be Causing an Allergic Reaction?

If a child is experiencing an allergic reaction, we suggest healing the reaction by removing the earring and using a different earring you have until the skin shows no sign of an allergic reaction Use an over-the counter anti-biotic ointment if there is any sign of infection and redness by the earring hole. Coat the back of the earring, post, and the earring backing (the screw back piece or push on back) with a layer of clear nail polish. This lacquer will provide a protective barrier. Reapply a layer of polish every now and then and you will hopefully be able to wear the jewelry without issue.

Summer Fun!

Summer is one of the best times of the year, especially if you’re a kid! School is out and warm weather means fun in the pool, days at the beach, sports, barbecues, and loads of no-pressure fun! Summertime accessories always complete the outfit whether she’s sporting a light summer dress, shorts, or a bathing suit. Silver jewelry looks awesome on tanned skin.

Take a peak these summer jewelry collections to enhance your baby’s, girl’s, or teen’s look!

Fruit and Food Jewelry like watermelon, cherries, and ice cream.

Flower Jewelry always is fresh and pretty for warm summer months.

The Sea for everything that has to do with the swimming at the pool, the lake, or the ocean.


What is Mother of Pearl?

Mother of pearl is the iridescent material on the inside of a mollusk shell. It is typically found in freshwater muscles, pearl oysters, and abalone. This beautiful material is also called nacre. As mollusks protect the inside of their shells from irritants, they coat the shell with layers of nacre, a natural secretion. This substance, with its natural iridescence has been used for centuries in jewelry. It is more common and less expensive than a regular pearl, although made of the same nacre substance. We love Mother of Pearl for its magical beauty and its whispers of the sea. It’s an elegant touch found in many of our jewelry styles for children. To see our nacre jewelry offer, simply type Mother of Pearl in the search bar of our site.


2021 Holiday Shopping

When everyone is already talking about holiday season shopping, delivery delays, and supply chain delays you know it’s going to be a challenging situation this year. So is it hype or is this a reality? Well, we’ve been in business since 2006 and in our sage opinion, we don’t think it’s hype. Here’s why…merchandise is sitting on ships at ports waiting for clearance and trucks to unload and then deliver it. Staffing shortages abound. All shipping companies (Fedex, UPS, DHL and our domestic postal service USPS are anticipating, once again, unmanageable volumes. They have all hired additional employees to process the onslaught of packages, but nevertheless there will be delays on every front. It seems that patience is something everyone is going to have to get used to. And this is without inevitable winter storms that slow down transit carriers or COVID related issues. The shipping companies are warning the entire nation that if you don’t buy early, you may not get your gifts by Xmas.

So should you really buy early? Our advice is a resounding “yes”. If you have your gift list ready and your eye on a particular item, we suggest you purchase it sooner than later this year. Restocking sold out items ASAP is our goal, but supplier availability can prevent even our most popular styles from being available until after the New Year. To assist with early purchasing, we are extending our return time for your children’s jewelry purchases this holiday season to January 5th, 2022. (But we always appreciate your early return.)
We certainly hope that the holiday season goes better than expected for everyone. But if it presents challenges, please join us as we focus on all the big and small blessings in our lives, that are priceless and can never be bought. We wish all of our customers a very joyous Chanukah, a Merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy New Year!

Gold Education

If you’re buying gold jewelry for a baby, girl or young teen, here’s a gold education with all the gold information you need!

14K yellow gold and rose gold earrings

Gold is offered in three colors. Yellow gold, White gold, and Rose gold. 14K gold is perfect for everyday wear, although it is still fine jewelry and must be cared for as such.

Pure gold is 24K gold, but it is too soft for jewelry in its purest form. It is combined with alloys (a combination of other metals) and then crafted into jewelry. The percentage of gold is measured in “karats” or “K” or “KT”. This is not to be confused with “carats” which is the weight measurement for gemstones. 14 Karat Gold (14K or 14KT) has 14 parts gold and 10 parts of an alloy. 14K is 53.8% gold. 18K is 75% pure gold.

14K Yellow gold is produced by mixing pure 24K gold with an alloy of other metals, usually silver and copper. A higher amount of copper is used for a darker yellow shade.

14K White gold is made of 24K gold with an alloy of white metals such as palladium, nickel or silver, or zinc. White gold is usually plated with rhodium (a member of the platinum family) to remove any trace of yellow gold. Our white gold jewelry for children is nickel free.

14K Rose gold has become popular over the past few years. Rose Gold is produced by combining 24k gold with an alloy of gold, copper, and silver. The amount of copper added to the alloy determines the shade of the rose gold. The more copper, the more of a pink hue the rose gold jewelry will have.

Your gold jewelry will be stamped, and that is how you know it is authentic, solid gold.

Look for the “14K” or “585” stamp on 14K gold jewelry.

Look for the “18K” or “750” stamp on 18K gold jewelry.

Sterling silver is stamped .925

You can be sure when you buy fine children’s jewelry at The Jewelry Vine that you are purchasing quality, authentic jewelry.


Paper Clip Jewelry – Fashion Trend – Don’t Miss It!

Paper Clip Jewelry is one of the hottest jewelry trends this summer. Pretty, rectangle-linked chains go with every outfit and can be worn every day or dressed up. Our pieces come in rhodium plating sterling silver. Don’t miss this popular fashion trend!



Wish List

Savvy shoppers love Wish Lists. A Wish List is a collection of items that pique your interest but you may not be ready to immediately purchase. It’s the middle ground between buying or forgetting!

To use the jewelry wish list on our site, simply click the Add to Wishlist link on the product page. You’ll find the link right under the blue ADD TO CART button. To view your Wish List, click the pink heart at the top of the site (to the right of our logo).


Your Wish List will give you an easy way to remind yourself of the jewelry items you are interested in as you shop, or return to shop at a later time. You can also share your wish list by emailing it using the email icon at the bottom of the Wish List page. It looks like this.

Happy Shopping!

Party Favors and Grab Bag Gifts for Under $10 ~ Silver Stud Earrings for Girls

Are you looking for totally awesome and inexpensive party favors or grab bag gift for girls? We have a unique idea for you! Take a look at our silver earrings for under $10. We have the cutest designs in stylish and trendy jewelry motifs. They’re also super-practical as most girls have pierced ears. This is a fresh new gift idea for the girl who has just about everything. And presentation? Our earrings come packaged in our adorable logo jewelry box which is a high quality plastic pink box in the shape of a flower. The look is adorable and easy for gift giving or picking out one from a grab bag. Each pair of stud earrings are .925 sterling silver, hypoallergenic, and no-tarnish. With so many styles to choose from, our girls’ earrings for grab bag gifts are cool, fun, and sure to be adored. You can buy a few of each style, or one of each…it’s all up to you. If you order 15 or more pairs, we’ll also give you the gift of a 15% discount! Please email us for a discount code before placing your order.

Click here to see the whole collection


New Luxury Gift Box with The Jewelry Vine Logo

We’re thrilled to present our new luxury jewelry gift box!  It’s the perfect packaging to present your jewelry gift. The jewelry box is finished in a lovely pearlized pink paper with a peach tone. The box is adorned with a gray satin ribbon imprinted with our logo/name The Jewelry Vine. Packed inside its white outer box, it is a stunning presentation and will enhance any jewelry gift you give.

Memorial Day 2020

Some thoughts from us to you…
Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 is especially meaningful this year. Today is an American national holiday honoring those brave souls who served and died fighting for the great liberties we all enjoy. We are privileged to live in a great nation where we have so many freedoms that allow us to live a free and meaningful life. This year, with flags across the nation flying at half-mast, we also remember those we have lost during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

This is also a day for reflection. A day to be grateful for the many things in our lives we may have taken for granted against the backdrop of our new reality. Schools have been closed; restaurants, stores, and businesses across the nation are waiting to reopen; social gatherings are limited or non-existent, and life’s celebrations or visits with loved ones have been put on hold.

Unofficially, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season. We’re not sure what summer is going to look like across America this year with COVID-19. We hope all the joys and experiences of summer will come your way.

Our online boutique store remains open and we’re here for you with our beautiful collection of fine children’s jewelry. We’ve been helping grandparents send graduation gifts from afar because this year there are no graduation ceremonies. We’re helping everyone send birthday gifts to young girls because currently there are no birthday parties. We’ve been here for all those new baby gifts to welcome little ones into the world and congratulate their parents on their little one’s arrival. We are still offering free shipping on orders over $50. We are praying that you and your families stay well and we are thankful for the opportunity to service you.

Children’s Jewelry is a special gift from the Tooth Fairy!

An amazing thing about girls’ fine jewelry is it makes a perfect gift to celebrate any occasion. It is also an amazing Tooth Fairy gift idea. One of our customers recently gave her daughter a few silver rings from The Tooth Fairy to celebrate the loss of another tooth. The Tooth Fairy left the jewelry under her pillow one night, with this darling message. We thought this Tooth Fairy gift idea for kids was so original and cute, that we just had to repost it:

Dear Elina,
Congratulations on losing another tooth. It’s a gem! I have been waiting and waiting–just like you! I am so full of joy that I did a few extra twirls in the air as I flew to your house from The Enameled Palace. Enjoy! Don’t eat too many sweets because they aren’t good for your teeth. You are sweet enough already! I look forward to next time.
Tooth Fairy

Too cute, right?