Children’s Jewelry is a special gift from the Tooth Fairy!

An amazing thing about girl’s jewelry is it makes a perfect gift to celebrate any occasion. One of our customers recently gave her daughter a few silver rings from The Tooth Fairy to celebrate the loss of another tooth. The Tooth Fairy left them under her pillow one night, with this darling message. We thought it was so original and cute, that we just had to repost it:

Dear Elina,
Congratulations on losing another tooth. It’s a gem! I have been waiting and waiting–just like you! I am so full of joy that I did a few extra twirls in the air as I flew to your house from The Enameled Palace. Enjoy! Don’t eat too many sweets because they aren’t good for your teeth. You are sweet enough already! I look forward to next time.
Tooth Fairy

Too cute, right?

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