Her Ear Piercing Looks Uneven ~ What should I do?

You’ve finally got your little girl’s or your baby’s ears pierced, and the piercings seem uneven. So frustrating…and now what? First, know that you are not alone and this is unfortunately not uncommon. The idea placement for the earring piercing is the center of the lobe. If the hole is off to one side and doesn’t look balanced on both ears, it will continue to look this way. If it is too high, it will likely appear even higher over time if the ears were pierced during infancy or early childhood since the ears grow.

The only real uneven ear piercing fix is to take out the earring and let the hole close up. This can be done for both piercings or just one. Once the holes completely heal, you can have the earlobes re-pierced. (You will want to check with your pediatrician regarding how long you will need to wait until you can re-pierce the earlobe.) The re-piercing will be done in a slightly different spot, so if you like where one of the piercings is, we suggest keeping that hole open on the ear by continuing to wear one earring. Yes, it might look a little strange for a few months, but it’s worth it over time.

To make sure the piercing is done correctly, whether the first or second time, go to a reputable piercer who is patient and confident. Ask around to get recommendations for a piercer who has a detail-oriented eye. Many parents opt for their local pediatrician who will use a needle rather than a piercing gun. The angle of the piercing is better controlled with a needle. Know that ears may not be perfectly symmetrical, so make sure that a sterile, surgical marking pen is used before the piercing is done, to mark the exact spot. Look at her face “head on” to see if the appearance of the hole on both ears looks balanced and symmetrical.

And then there are tricks for masking uneven holes if it doesn’t bother you or her. For a stud earring, you can try using a larger earring backing which can position the earring stud in a firmer way against the ear and position it to mask the “unevenness”. Hoop earrings can be slightly bent or adjusted to compensate for uneven holes so that they hang at almost the same length on the ear. Asymmetrical earrings designs can also help mask the unevenness.