Classic Child Earrings

Tried and true, classic child earrings are the ones that never go out of style. They are the essentials that go with everything and are easy to wear for any occasion.

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Classic child earrings are ball earrings, first diamond earrings, small single stone studs, classic pearl earrings, and simple or plain hoops. These are often her first pair of earrings, or a safe, can't-go-wrong gift. The earrings in this collection are the ones that are bought by our customers over and over again. They are timeless, can be worn 24/7, and match with every outfit. They are just right for everyday wear or for a formal occasion. Many of our styles for classic earrings come in different sizes. Earlobe size is the critical factor in choosing the right earrings. Girls with larger earlobes look best with a slightly larger design. We adore the classic earring collection because they are the proven favorites ~ the kids' earrings that girls love and that parents feel comfortable with.