Pearl Screw Back Earrings

Classic children's pearl earrings with screwbacks never go out of style.

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Classic children’s pearl earrings with screwbacks never go out of style.

Our pearl screwback earrings will become pearl keepsake jewelry because they will last and will be a classic to wear for every special occasion. From the very tiny 3mm pearls to small 4mm pearls or 5mm pearls, or 6mm and 7mm pearls for older girls, we have just the right size for every child and every earlobe. Our styles vary from the plain pearl to more embellished designs. Our cultured pearls are matched on each pair and checked before shipping. You can count on us to make sure that to they eye, the pearls are the same size, shape and color on each pair. Each pair of children's pearl screwback earrings comes with threaded posts and screw back pieces that twist onto the post for a tight, secure fit. That means these earrings can be worn 24/7, and when desired, can be taken off for safe-keeping. Check out our lovely pearl rings, pearl bracelets, and pearl necklaces if you would like to buy a set of pearl jewelry for a child.