When to Pierce her Ears

On her 3rd Birthday, I took my oldest daughter to get her ears pierced. She was so excited. I held her hand as she held back tears. Sometimes it hurts to be beautiful.

My next baby girl got her ears pierced at 4 months. We had the joy of seeing her in earrings as a baby. Cute, adorable, sweet…she looked divine.

Choosing the right age to pierce your child’s ears is a truly personal decision. There is not a right age. It’s right when it’s right for you or her. Some parents want their child to make the decision. Almost every girl decides she wants pierced ears. It is the norm in almost every culture worldwide for girls to wear earrings.

Although we do not have an opinion on what age you should pierce your child’s ears, we do have an opinion on the type of earrings best to purchase once you are ready to move on from the piercing earrings. We highly suggest 14K gold or 18K gold earrings for her first pair.

We warn our customers to beware of buying gold plated earrings because they are usually flash plated, which means a super thin layer of gold is bonded to a base metal. The plating usually wears off super quickly and leads to skin irritation from the base metal that is underneath. If an irritation results, it must be cared for properly lest a doctor recommends closing up the piercing. Yes, those earrings are cheaper, but certainly not better for her ears.

You will see a beautiful selection of earrings, especially gold screw back earrings which are comfortable and secure. Hopefully, this blog post was able to clear up any confusion or concerns about when to pierce your little one’s ears. We invite you take a peek at The Jewelry Vine.

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