Toddler Girl Jewelry

Toddler girl jewelry is just precious. Our first pick for your toddler, if she has pierced ears, is our selection of screw back earrings for kids or even small hoop earrings. We have loads of classic and trendy earring styles for toddlers in both gold and silver. Bracelets and bangles are our second pick in toddler jewelry. We love our personalized bracelets which are custom made with her name and your choice of colors. Our guard and hinge bangles are super popular for this age group as well since they don’t slip off the wrist. Rings are our next pick as long as she only wears the ring with supervision and won’t put it in her mouth. Necklaces and lockets make truly beautiful keepsake jewelry for toddlers, and we suggest wearing necklaces daytime only, with supervision.

Since our jewelry is fine jewelry, we always recommend taking the jewelry off for swimming, or playground play or rough and tumble play. Although gift-givers may worry that toddlers are too young for fine jewelry, the truth is that it is safe if worn with care.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents, and special others in her life love to gift jewelry because it is the type of gift that can be kept as a keepsake and forges strong personal memories for her of the person gifting it. Quality jewelry can become an heirloom to be passed down to the next generation, which makes it especially meaningful in the family. We recommend the gift of fine jewelry from The Jewelry Vine for your toddler to celebrate any milestone such as birthdays, preschool graduations, dance recitals, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and gifts for the flower girl. It’s a treasure she’ll treasure. Check out our jewelry for toddler girls.

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