14K Gold Filled Children’s Jewelry ~ What does Gold Filled Mean?

What is gold filled jewelry? Gold-filled jewelry is fine jewelry, comprised of a thick, solid layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal. It is durable and strong. Gold filled jewelry has the same valuable properties and look of 14K solid gold. It won’t tarnish, rub off, peel, or turn colors.

Gold filled jewelry, like solid 14K jewelry, is part of the fine jewelry category. It has approximately 100 times more gold than gold plated jewelry. It looks and wears like solid 14K gold and has inherent worth unlike gold-plated jewelry which can quickly rub off.

Gold filled bangle bracelets, necklaces for girls and gold filled lockets for children are a fabulous alternative to solid gold which sells for at least triple the price. Our gold filled baby bangles are best sellers. They are classic, durable, and beautiful. Know that our children’s 14K gold filled jewelry is lifetime guaranteed against any manufacturing defects, so you can purchase baby jewelry and children’s jewelry with confidence.

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