Necklace Size Chart for Children

If you’re not sure how to choose necklace length for your little one, read this guide. Let us help you find the right size necklace or chain length for a girl of any age with our necklace size and length chart for children. Below is a general guide to the proper necklace size for children:

Baby to 1 year
supervise while wearing
8 to 12 inches
Toddlers 1-4 years
supervise while wearing
10 to 12 inches
Little Girls 5-8 years 12 to 15 inches
Older Girls 8-13 years 14 to 16 inches
Teens 14+ 16 inches +
children's necklaces


When choosing a chain size, consider where you want the necklace to fall. Many of our necklaces at The Jewelry Vine come with adjustable chains. Others offer you a choice of chain length. Adjustable chains offer a custom fit. We believe necklaces are the most versatile jewelry gift for children because they can easily be worn and enjoyed no matter what the length or size, unlike rings, bracelets and earrings.

Children generally have many types of outfits in their wardrobe and therefore a necklace will coordinate well with most of her shirts, sweaters, or dresses whether the top is a v-neck, round neck, button up, or ever a turtleneck. In other words, leave it to her to find the right outfits that look best with her new necklace, or she may even wear her necklace all the time as her signature piece.

To help you a bit more with sizing, a 14″ necklace will generally fall at the base of the neck on a child that is 8 years old. On a toddler, a 14″ necklace will fall much lower. A 16″ necklace will fall by the collarbone of a teen, but will be fall much lower on a younger girl. If your child wants to see the pendant or locket on the necklace when she looks down, consider a longer chain or an adjustable 14″-16″ chain which we offer with a fine lobster claw clasp.

One word of caution, necklaces should only be worn by babies and toddlers with adult supervision. Never allow a child to nap or sleep with her necklace. We generally recommend necklaces for children ages 4+ due to safety concerns. Worn with care, a necklace is the perfect jewelry gift for children and can be worn for years to come. Browse our selection of cute girl’s necklaces to find the right piece for your little one!