Ring Size Chart for Children

Are you looking to buy a ring for a baby, girl, or teen? You’ve come to the right place! We have so many pretty kids rings for girls in genuine gold or silver to choose from…birthstone rings, band rings, signet rings, pearl rings and rings with motifs such as flowers, hearts, or butterflies.

View this ring size chart for children to find her ring size or buy our ring size tool. Please use this as a general guide. Her exact size is unique to her and depends on her age and frame.

Ring Size US & CanadaDiameter of Ring (mm)*Age RangeUK / Australia Ring Size
1/212 mmBabyA
112.5 mmBaby-ToddlerB
1 1/212.9 mmBaby-ToddlerC
213.3 mm1 to 4 yearsD
2 1/213.7 mm3 to 6 yearsE
314.1 mm6 to 9 yearsF
3 1/214.5 mm6 to 9 yearsG
414.9 mm7 to 10 yearsH
4 1/215.3 mm8 to 11 yearsI 1/2
515.7 mm9+J 1/2
5 1/216.1 mm9+K 1/2 or L
616.5 mm10+M
6 1/216.9 mm10+N
717.3 mm11+O

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