Buying Baby Earrings

A perfect children’s jewelry gift for a baby or little girl is a lovely pair of  baby earrings.

Should I buy sterling silver, 14KT gold, or 18KT gold earrings?
For babies we highly recommend you choose 14KT gold earrings or 18KT gold earrings. Why? Little one’s ears are more sensitive. 14KT gold and 18KT gold earrings are known to be the best for delicate skin.

What kind of baby earrings should I buy?
All of our earrings for babies and little girls are manufactured specifically for this age group. We carry:

• studs with push on backings
• screw back earrings with threaded posts
• dangle earrings – small dangling earrings perfectly sized for baby
• lever back earrings
• hoop earrings with click hoops

Why are screwback earrings so recommended?
Screwback earrings are the best choice when choosing a pair of baby earrings or children’s earrings. Why? Screw back earrings are made with threaded posts. The screw-on backing twists onto the post and stays firmly in place. It is almost impossible for a child to remove the screw back by herself, no matter how talented she is with her adorable little hands. Most of the screwback earrings we offer come with covered screwbacks --- which means the post does not come through and provides greater comfort, especially if the child is wearing the earrings to sleep.

Our screw back earrings come in a wide variety of adorable styles: hearts, flowers, butterflies, ladybugs, teddybears, bunnies, dolphins, stars, and bows are some of the most popular and beloved kids earring motifs. Mothers and daughters alike adore the bright splash of color you’ll find with our enamel earrings, especially the line of FuFoo earrings for children. And of course, we carry Classic Child Earrings: diamond baby earrings, birthstone earrings, and perfectly sized pearl earrings. Check out our  Disney earrings with enamel and our gemstone Disney earrings -- for young princesses everywhere!

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