Is it better to buy rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry for children as opposed to plain sterling silver?

What is rhodium plated sterling silver? What’s so good about it? In our opinion, everything! We all know that sterling silver naturally tarnishes. For children with sensitive skin or allergies to silver, rhodium plated sterling has become the answer to getting that white gold look with a truly affordable price tag.

What exactly is rhodium? Rhodium is part of the platinum family and is the most expensive of all precious metals.

Let’s talk about the benefits. Firstly, rhodium makes silver jewelry really shine. It has incredible luster. It provides a true no-tarnish finish, so you no longer have to worry about your silver jewelry oxidizing and turning black. It’s silvery-white, hard, doesn’t corrode or scratch easily. It is simply the perfect plating to put over silver jewelry. And for the big one…it is hypoallergenic which means there shouldn’t be any irritation when wearing it. It extends the life of the sterling silver jewelry making it a total pleasure to wear.

And in the children’s jewelry world, this means she gets the look of white gold or platinum for a fraction of the price. Most children’s jewelry manufacturers are now rhodium plating all of their sterling silver jewelry. It is the trend in silver jewelry for kids and it’s here to stay. We hope our blog post helped clear up any concerns you might have about rhodium plated or plain sterling silver jewelry for your children!

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